mercredi 8 août 2012

Zbrushing the husband

The husband was the character that required the most work on zbrush - or more exactly, that allowed the most work, since he is basically a statue. Therefore, besides his shoes and hat, the whole of his shape, his suit, hands, and head, were generated in Zbrush. I created the general figure, which I wanted long and lean, in keeping with the other characters, with the zsphere system, and sculpted from there. Once I was content with the result, I proceeded to retopologize the whole thing, since displacement would have been too expensive in render time, and was a luxury I only used for the fine detailing of the hands and neck. Finally, since bare skin would have seemed out of place on such a timeworn figure, I applied hairfarm to all the exposed skin, and used maps to control the density, length, and texture of the "fuzz".

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