samedi 20 octobre 2012

A new challenge

Having tried my hand at a different bodyshape (see below), the latest hurdle I chose to (try to) overcome was that of widening my palette of facial expressions, away from those of reserve and introspection, and into the realm of brazen extraversion. Initially, however, I had not planned on going all out "bimbo". But somehow I couldn't fit her general attitude (or facial features) into the prim 1950's housewife I had originally conceived. So a retro bikini and heart-shaped sunglasses it was.

mardi 16 octobre 2012

With a view to diversify...

It has been pointed out to me(or more specifically confirmed!) that my drawings are peopled by a rather un-diverse cast (...) With this in mind I have tried my hand at a more voluptuous body shape, while still trying to retain the length in feature and limb of my other characters. It was an interesting exercise, and far more complexe in terms of light and shade than a more slender silhouette. I'm not absolutely satisfied with it, but as I've said I'm trying to keep up a steady output of a character a day. Any comments would be much appreciated!

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Character Design - little girl with crocus flower (WIP?)

I am tentatively picking up my pencils again. As this work shows, I could not do so soon enough, since things are clearly rusty. If I have the patience I will pick this up and fine-tune it some time in the near/distant future; but for now I am burrowing on.