mercredi 8 août 2012

Zbrushing the various organic props

Given that the film featured a rather large number of close shots (a number that diminished quite sharply as production progressed...), and that said shots were of organic subjects, such as food and small animals, there was a lot of zbrush involved. Since, however, these were short shots, I relied here upon displacement maps as opposed to retopology, so the geometry (give or take a minor zbrush "beating-up") is exclusively 3dsmax generated (as opposed to the previously described process used for the clothes and characters). Having spent a lot of time on research, I'll allow myself the luxury of adding here that the fruit is an Ackee, which is the Jamaican national fruit, of a consistency similar to scrambled eggs, and, served alongside the dried kipper (also pictured), constitues the country's national dish. The caterpillar is a swallowtail caterpillar, a species also very present in Jamaica - but my choice here was guided less by documentary exactitude, that by aesthtetics, since it has such a beautiful pattern on it's back. I was also very taken by it's diaphanous bristles, the execution of which allowed me to delve further into the "realistic hair material" in Hairfarm, and it's light-scattering properties.

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