jeudi 9 août 2012

Dress - take 2

The second dress was quite a puzzle to get right, since the 1930s are mostly associated with evening dresses, very formal gowns of lace, sequins and fringes - which besides looking completely out of place, would have represented a year's work in themselves, and a year more in cloth simulation. The 1930s were also quite prolific in loose styles, and my previous attempt had confirmed that such a cut would be lost on a character with such extreme feminine proportions. So the dress needed to be fitted - yet not in a "femme fatale" way - and had to have at least elements of 1930s styling. In the end I combined two styles:

Of the first dress I kept the backless design, which I liked because it is what takes the dress from the banal to the seductive, and only becomes apparent when she moves away into the jungle, away from her husband and her life of invisibility.
Of the second dress I kept the very fitted front, the high neckline - and initally the sleeves, but they looked quite suffocating so we decided to do without. The result was this:

EleanoreDressWireframeTurn2 from amy brutton on Vimeo.

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